Wake the soul by tender strokes of art.

Petra Teršlová

The subject of my interest is mainly the depiction of the industrial and urban landscape. This environment has a mysterious, almost magical impression on me, combining romance with drama.

I find inspiration for my work in more or less unusual places. Various industrial objects or even at first sight unsightly landfills, awake my imagination and inspire me with their quirky beauty.

I am fascinated by towns and places in the immediate vicinity of human settlements that remain unnoticed, wild, or seem to be abandoned. I call these familiar yet ignored spaces which are neither city nor countryside Edgelands (as in the book Edgelands by P. Farley and M.S. Robertson's).

The resulting paintings of these unusual landscapes is always based on real places, however, they are affected by my own imagination, manifesting itself primarily in composition, color and unconventional points of view of selected motifs.

The result is unusual, sometimes even bizarre sceneries reminiscent of another world.