Wake the soul by tender strokes of art.

Petra Teršlová

My work reflects my enthusiasm for observation and exploration of localities that seem to be shrouded in mystery. Abandoned industrial areas, ruins, or even at first sight unsightly landfills and other features of the urban phenomena, „edgelands“, awake my imagination and inspire me with their quirky beauty. Such places evoke feelings of eeriness, obscurity and mystery while combining romance with drama.

We are all born into this world with a natural curiosity for our surroundings. Later in life there is a tendency for this trait to fade. In my work I try to use this perception and ability to notice places that we see but often overlook. The resulting paintings call attention to the allure and enigmatic atmosphere of places that most of us ignore.

My paintings merge realism with my imagination and memories manifesting itself primarily in composition, color and overall mood of selected motifs.