Terms and Conditions

  1. Order

    Below stated Terms and Conditions are valid for purchase in Internet e-shop petraterslova.com.

    The buyer confirms by the submission of order that he acquaints with these Terms and Conditions and that he fully agrees with it. The buyer is pointed out to these Terms and Conditions in adequate way before its own order accomplishment and has an opportunity to get familiar with it. Acceptance of the goods by the buyer from the seller, as well as the binding order confirmed by the seller, is valid as a recognition and closure of purchasing contract according to these Contractual Terms and Conditions and the buyer agrees with Terms and Conditions as amended by it in the moment of dispatch of the binding order and is obliged to these at the moment of the closure of purchasing contract.

    Closed contract is archived by the seller for the purpose of its successful fulfillment and is not accessible to third non-participating parties. Information about individual technical steps leading to the closure of the contract is evident from these Terms and Conditions, where there is this process clearly described.

  2. Ways of order, payment, form of delivery and delivery time

    1. Ways of order

      Order can be made in the following ways:

      • Via electronic shop (further only “e-shop”)
      • Via electronic mail (via e-mail): petra@petraterslova.com
      • Via telephone: +420 724 351 392
    2. Payment

      The ordered goods are able to pay by the following means:

      • Via PayPal – the payment for the ordered goods can also be made using PayPal service. The customer will be redirected to the payment gate of PayPal during the order. For the further information about functioning of PayPal service visit www.paypal.com.
      • Via bank transfer – to the account number: 196942365 / 0300 run by Československá Obchodní Banka (ČSOB)

      ČSOB address: Petra Terslova address:
      street: T.G. Masaryka 102 street: Ctiborova 407
      city: Kladno city: Kladno
      postcode: 27201 postcode: 27201
      state: Czech Republic state: Czech Republic
      IBAN: CZ6603000000000196942365  

      Every received order is binding in our e-shop.

      Customer will be informed about their order via e-mail after its accomplishment.

    3. Form of delivery

      Original works of art, prints and other other goods are shipped and packaged via UPS or FedEx Ground. Printed merchandise is shipped via FedEx Ground. Please allow 14-21 business days from payment to your delivery date. Please include your phone number with your order so that if necessary, the carrier can contact you.

      Damage during shipping

      In the unlikely event that your order is damaged during shipping you will receive a full refund  if you provide all of the original packaging for the shipper's inspection.

      • The refund will be issued by the shipper and not petraterslova.com.
      • Please note, there are no exceptions to this policy.
  3. Duties of the Buyer

    The buyer is obliged to provide the essential data needed for the successful fulfillment of the order in the order. This means:

    • Buyer’s Name, Surname and Address of domicile or Company name and Business seat
    • Business Registration Number and VAT ID (if the customer is registered as a payer of VAT)
    • Delivery address (if it varies from the address of domicile)
    • All the other data, which the buyer finds important
  4. Protection of personal data

    Providing of personal data is voluntary, the subject has a right to its access and a right to its correction including any other legal rights connected to these data. The seller commits to the protection of stated personal data provided by the buyer. The stated data will be served only for the need of the seller and it will be handled in accordance with the Act Number 101/2000 Code about protection of personal data.

    For the work with personal data, we comply with the Act Number 101/2000 Code about protection of personal data, which fundamentally influenced rights and duties of those who the personal data belong to and also of those who work with it. For the purpose of delivering the order directly to the customer, alternatively for the purpose of communication with the customer, the seller needs to know some of the data (name, address, telephone, e-mail address).

  5. Order cancelation

    The cancelation of the order is possible within 24 hours from the time the order is made. This can be done electronically via e-mail sent to e-mail address terslova.petra@gmail.com. The seller is not obliged to accept the change or cancelation of the order at the moment when the goods was given to the carrier for the shipment.

    In case that the customer (buyer) had already in some way remitted financial amount to the account of seller (e.g. via Pay by credit), the seller is obliged to give the amount of money back to the buyer. If the customer (buyer) wanted to cancel his order later, it would be done only after mutual agreement of both parties and it will be determined about potential deduction (fee) for the verifiable costs related to the financial amount transfer.

  6. Complementing information

    Legal relationships between seller and buyer follow stated Terms and Conditions and further in the extent of these conditions not provided for the given Terms and Conditions in the meaning of the Act Nr. 89/2012 Code, Civil Code (further only “C.C.”).

  7. Withdraw from the contract

    During the closure of commercial contract by the means of distance communication, the buyer has a right to withdraw from the commercial contract without stating the reason until 14 (fourteen) days from the goods takeover when in this period the buyer must deliver the act to the seller, which the current valid legal adaptation associates the display of will aiming to withdraw from the contract with. The buyer can realize this right of his own for the contract withdrawal by sending the goods on his own expenses to the seller’s address of business seat via some of the carriers together with the written display of will to withdraw from the contract. During the withdraw of commercial contract by the buying customer in the period of 14 (fourteen) days within the meaning of § 1829 Civil Code, the buyer has right to withdraw with no sanction, by this is not affected the entitlement of the seller for the reimbursement of the costs related to the returned goods.

    In case of the use of the right to withdraw the contract, the goods must be returned undamaged and if possible in the original packaging with no signs of usage including all the accessories that were obtained together with the goods. In case of no fulfillment of the above stated conditions or if the returned goods will be damaged, the seller has a right to decrease the paid amount adequately. In case of fulfillment of the all above mentioned conditions for goods returning, the money for the goods will be sent to the customer by the bank transfer to the stated account and this will be done no later than 30 (thirty) days from withdraw of the contract. The buyer has no title to the compensation of costs that were paid to the seller in connection with the goods back delivery by the carrier.

  8. Copyrights

    All content included on the Site, such as, but not limited to, images, text, graphics, logos, and button icons, is the property of Petra Teršlová or its content suppliers and is protected by Czech Copyright Act and international copyright laws. The purchase of any product does not provide the purchaser with any copyright interest or other intellectual property right in the product. The breach of copyright or its parts can be prosecuted according to the Civil right and Criminal right.

  9. Finale Regulations

    The valid Term and Conditions are available on the web page petraterslova.com and every buyer has a full right to get familiar with it. The seller is eligible to amend or change the Terms and Conditions in connection with the change in the valid legislation and in connection to the change on the goods market that the seller is offering to the customer.

    These Terms and Conditions come into force 01/01/2014.